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Apr 2016

Latest company changes

Posted on Apr 2016

We’re always on the hunt for the latest events that will affect your money. It could be an interest rate decision, profit warnings, a big move overseas or change in government policy. If you have money at risk on the ASX in Aussie stocks, make sure you haven’t missed anything important in here. There’s a worrying trend of new, small compa...

Apr 2016

Bonus savings from air-conditioning

Posted on Apr 2016

In medium to large offices, the number of people and presence of equipment and lights all generate extra heat.This adds to the load the cooling cycle of air-conditioning systems has to deal with.That’s why even in Australia's coolest cities it takes more energy to cool office blocks over a year than it does to heat themEstimating the air-conditioni...

Apr 2016

Company is going green!

Posted on Apr 2016

There are some very good reasons for making your office an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly place.First, buying and using energy-efficient equipment saves you money. It can provide enormous savings in electricityuse alone, saving you up to $180 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours of energy and cutting up to 80% off your electricity bill.It can also...